Trail Rides

Guided tours through our private ranch land on a serene lake, and pine forest. Enjoy nature with your family/ friends in a safe environment. Safe gentle horses, all ages are welcome. Rides daily call to make appointment (863)258-6677

$50 /hr single

$40 /hr double

Riding Lessons

All skill levels are welcome. Children of any age can get acquainted with our friendly horses.
Whether you want to take lessons or want to board your horse, or plan a birthday party

(863)258-6677 to schedule an appointment.

Obstacle Challenges

Participate in the variety of Trail Obstacle Challenge, or simply just a relaxing recreational trail ride in a fun and family friendly environment. enjoy access to a private ranch land on a serene lake, and a beautiful pine forest while bonding with your horse. Create friendships with best friends you have yet to meet. generous horse trailer parking available. a trail ride with judged obstacles placed on the trail, including multiple obstacles with a minimum of 6 obstacles. Ride at a leisurely pace with family and friends. enjoy the nature as you improve your horsemanship skills.